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Fresh flower arrangements are shipped directly from our design studios with the fresh produce of flowers from our farms, thus they are the freshest flowers available in the market. We supply artistic floral arrangements for all occasions. Our fresh flowers are hand selected daily to create styles from country to contemporary by our experienced designers.

Flowers are our greatest silent friends; it is the sweetest things God ever made. Flowers are a perfect way to celebrate a special occasions like Valentine’s day, anniversary, birthday, congratulations, new born baby & corporate events. Also to show our sympathy to get well & funerals.

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  • Blissful Bouquet

    Adorable White N Blue

    Like an oasis of calm, this tranquil medley of blue and cloud white flowers accented with a graceful blue ribbon is an enchanting floral gift. Send this today, it is a wonderful way to celebrate any occasion.

  • Hues of White

    The love you share is clear in your heart. The classic elegance and peaceful purity of our premium white roses are delightfully elegant and sophisticated situated in a basket. Basket with 40 stems of white roses.

  • Beautiful Blossom

    As soft and delicate as the first blush of love, this white lilies, peach roses and mixed white flowers bouquet carries a lot of romance. Vase comes with 2 stems of white lilies, 3 stems of peach roses and 2 stems of white crysanthimums.

  • Pearl Beauty

    Adorable Pearl Beauty

    A simple yet stunning fragrant white lily with green fillers and a beautiful vase. Surely the lovely gift to anyone. Vase with 10 stems of white lilies and greens. Buy now.

  • Kudos Bouquet

    Kudos Bouquet

    Welcome a new baby boy into our world. Celebrate his arrival and send the baby boy his first flowers in blue. This is such a beautiful arrangement will impress the new parents. It consists of 20 stems of white roses with blue ribbion in cube vase.

  • Softly Speaking

    Pearl Shades

    The statgazer lily stands for prosperity, white roses for innocence and purity and pink flowers to live in pink of health. This is perhaps one of the best wishes that one could ever make for their dear ones to live in the pink of health, prosperity and peace. Vase with 3 stems of white lilies … Continue reading "Pearl Shades"

  • Glorious Day

    Glorious Day

    Whether you send this beautiful arrangement to the family at home or to your loved one, all will appreciate its elegance and grace. The contrast of brilliant white blossoms and dazzling greenery creates a wonderful calm and dignified setting. The vase comes with 5 stems of white lilies, 10 stems of white roses and 5 … Continue reading "Glorious Day"

  • Moon Light

    The Spirited Grace

    The innocence of a child is reflected in this arrangement of pure white flowers. All white lilies, anthuriums, carnations, roses and crysanthimums are lovingly designed in a perfect bunch. This exotic bunch consists of 5 stems of white lilies, 5 stems of white anthuriums, 10 stems of white carnations, 10 stems of white roses and … Continue reading "The Spirited Grace"

  • Dedication


    The white symbolizes purity, modesty, sweetness and refined beauty. Gift this beautiful arrangement of white flowers in a clear glass vase. Send these beautiful flowers to your loved ones on their special occasion and make them happy. The vase comes with 10 white roses and 5 stems of white crysanthimums with greens.

  • White Lace

    White Roses Floral

    For dinner party flowers, this tasteful white arrangement takes away the cake. Delicate Queen Anne’s lace surround dazzling white roses in a brilliant glass vase. It’s elegant and so sublime. If your looking for a spectacular dinner party flowers for a wedding or any ocassion then this white centerpiece delivers. 20 stems of white roses … Continue reading "White Roses Floral"

  • Flourish

    White Pink Poshness

    Come summer and these are amongst our bestsellers. Beautiful to look, there is no better style and simplicity together like these. Vase with 2 stems of white hydrangeas, 3 stems of white lilies, 10 stems of peach roses and fillers.

  • 100 White Roses in a Basket

    100 White Roses in a Basket

    Send that special someone an elegantly arranged 100 white roses in a basket. A sure way to brighten up their day! 100 Stem of White Roses in a Basket

  • Peace Of Love

    Peace Of Love

    A bouquet of white lilies arrives accented by lush greens gorgeously arranged in a clear glass vase to create a graceful display of your heartfelt sympathies. Vase with 10 stems of white oriental lilies.

  • 12 Stem White Casablanca

    12 Stem White Casablanca

    This sweet arrangement is an expression of your pure love and affection. White lilies are accented with some green fillers and arranged in a clear glass vase. You can send it for a birthday, anniversary, get well, or just like that to show how much they mean to you as you care. Vase with 10 … Continue reading "12 Stem White Casablanca"

  • Creme Orchid

    Orchid Couture

    The white phalaenopsis orchid paired with fresh greenery makes this a modern innovative arrangement that will surely impress, enchant, and express your love and gratitude to the lucky recipient. It’s a 2 stem white phalaenopsis orchid.

  • Classically Regal

    Let red and white sparkler speak for you. Send this sparkling arrangement to brighten her day in a clear glass vase to create a dazzling display of limitless love and affection. Vase with 40 stems of white and 1 stem of red roses.

  • Cool Heather

    Perfectly Pearl Posh

    The love you share is clear in your heart. The classic elegance and peaceful purity of our premium white roses are delightfully elegant and sophisticated. The whole bunch comprises of 80 white roses.

  • Sophistication

    20 Stems

    Bright white Cala lilies are accented by lush greens and gorgeously arranged in a clear glass gathering vase to create a bouquet that will bring peace and show how much you care. Vase with 10 stems of Calla lilies.

  • Milkmaid


    Daisy days are here again. Send someone this cheerful bouquet of happy faced white blooms, complete with sunny yellow centers and presented in a graceful, rounded Teleflora inspiration vase and they are sure to have a wonderful day. The vase comes with 20 stems of white crysanthimum.

  • Rose Candy

    Rose Candy

    This bouquet has a dream-like appeal that will be perfect accessory on your wedding day or any special day. A bouquet that speaks of the romance emerging from your heart. The vase consists of 40 stems of white roses with monstera leaves and gypsophelia.

  • Bunch of 40 White Roses

    Bunch of 40 White Roses


    Bunch of 40 White Roses with Net & Ribbons

    Bunch of 40 White Roses with Net & Ribbons

  • Eternal Affection

    Eternal Affection

    This arrangement is a peaceful offering of heartfelt sympathies when your short of words. These 20 stems of white roses, 20 stems of white carnations and 5 stems of white lilies with lush greens are beautifully arranged in a nice bamboo stand.

  • Elegant White Roses

    Elegant White Roses

    Few flowers look so beautiful on their own as roses. This elegant bouquet of pure white fresh roses is a perfect way to demonstrate your feelings. The bunch consists of 20 stems of white roses.

  • Recipe Of Love

    Recipe Of Love

    This divine beauty is a symbol of a pure heart. This is an ideal way to express. White roses are the flower of light. They are also called the bride’s flowers in some traditions. The bunch consists of 12 white roses with greens.

  • White Rose Bouquet

    White Rose Bouquet

    White roses represent innocence and their versatility makes them a favorite gift to offer congratulations be it a graduation, an engagement, bridal showers, new baby, or even a gift of sympathy. The bunch comprises of 12 stems of white roses.

  • Angel Wings

    Angel Wings

    This romantic bouquet of white roses and lavender fillers will tell your loved one they make you feel like you’re on cloud nine. Perfect for anniversaries. Vase with 30 Stems of Ivory Roses with Lavender Fillers , Grass & Greens

  • Crazy White

    Crazy White

    Pure cold tone will endow the bouquet receiver with its purity and loftiness. White flowers are sometimes given to reclaim fault, or to apologize. They are also known as a symbol of the beginning and the color of justice and wisdom. Vase with 12 White Roses

  • Never Say No

    Never Say No

    Give this fantastic basket at any occasion. This is beautifully arranged with pink gerberas and gladioli. It’s tied together with wishes for the big beginnings. The basket comes with 30 stems of white gladioli, 12 stems of pink gerberas with greens.

  • Hope and Honor Cross

    This striking white and white cross of chrysanthemums and carnations honors your loved one in a faithful way. It’s Cross Made of 15 stems of chrysanthemums, 4 stems of white lilies, 6 stems of white roses and 10 stems of carnations.

  • Love's Embrace Roses – White

    White Beauty

    Whatever the occasion, give a gift that shows them the love—a fresh, hand-arranged bouquet of premium long-stem white roses. Sophisticated and stunning, white roses create a gift of classic beauty the speaks to the heart in an unforgettable way.4 stems of white carnation ,4 stems of white roses , 2 stems of white lilies , … Continue reading "White Beauty"

  • Winter Glow

    Winter Glow

    As enchanting as falling snowflakes, this dramatic yet graceful arrangement is a beautiful choice for an elegant evening celebration, winter ball centerpiece or to send silver anniversary wishes during the winter months

  • Pastel Peace

    Pastel Peace

    This arrangement of assorted pastel flowers is a sweet and simple way to offer your condolences. Wreath Arrangement of White Mixed Flowers.Vase with 2 stems of white lilies , 4 stems of white roses ,3 stems of white mums.

  • Snow Like

    Snow Like

    14 White Rose in a Glass Vase

  • Wintertime


    Invite the beauty and serenity of the snow colored winter landscape into their homes with hand crafted lilies wrapped in blue net. It consists of 5 stems of white lilies.

  • Arrive In Style

    Modern Embrace

    When you want your best wishes to arrive in high style, go with this fashionable, feminine bouquet! Full and fragrant, it gathers soft pink roses with white lilies, alstroemeria and mums into a rounded ginger vase.2 stems of lilies , 6 stems of peach roses , 2 stems of alstroemeria with some fillers.

  • Dreamy Bouquet

    Dreamy Bouquet

    A dreamy bouquet of white sympathy flowers is a comforting reminder of your love. The lush arrangement of soft colors is delivered in a majestic, tall glass vase.

  • Unmatched Sophistication

    Unmatched Sophistication

    Exhibiting clean lines, gorgeous textures, and an unmatched sophistication, this fresh flower bouquet is set to send your meaningful sentiments to your special recipient, Beautiful at every turn.

  • The Purity

    The Purity

    If you’re looking for the perfect gift, send orchids. If you’re looking to make someone feel beautiful, send orchids. There is simply no flower that matches the charm of the white Dendrobium orchid. These 20 orchid stems have multiple cloud-white blooms, and are sure to set anyone’s spirit soaring. Clear vase included.

  • Long Stem White Roses

    Long Stem White Roses

    White roses are the ideal way to express purity (which is why brides often choose white roses for wedding flowers), sympathy, remembrance, and honor. And these 50 long stemmed white roses are as resilient as they are beautiful .

  • French countryside

    French countryside

    Breathtaking! Blooms of bright white and cream are rich with texture and innocent beauty. Presented in a versatile bubble vase she’ll use later for roses, tulips, potpourri, and candlelit centerpieces, this is a fabulously fragrant choice for a bride-to-be, your beloved mom, or an old friend.

  • With Love

    Classical Garden

    An exotic bouquet of lilies to express yourself with flower freshness. An extreme lily arrangement with total 10 stems in lovely designer vase. Vase with 5 Stems of White & 5 stems of Yellow Lilies.

  • Ritzy Arrangement

    A Chicly Arrangement

    Ritzy blue hydrangea mingle with upper-crust creame roses while graceful oriental lilies, alstroemeria and disbud mum twirl fahionably. Awe-struck purple statice and lavender limonium are accompanied by seeded eucalyptus and salal as they look on. This chic spectacle is gathered in a striking clear vase.3 stems of white lilies ,4 stems of peach roses,4 stems … Continue reading "A Chicly Arrangement"