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Fresh flower arrangements are shipped directly from our design studios with the fresh produce of flowers from our farms, thus they are the freshest flowers available in the market. We supply artistic floral arrangements for all occasions. Our fresh flowers are hand selected daily to create styles from country to contemporary by our experienced designers.

Flowers are our greatest silent friends; it is the sweetest things God ever made. Flowers are a perfect way to celebrate a special occasions like Valentine’s day, anniversary, birthday, congratulations, new born baby & corporate events. Also to show our sympathy to get well & funerals.

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  • Fresh Love

    My Perfect Love

    A simply gorgeous aqua pack of 12 perfect red Roses surrounded by plump green foliage. A striking romantic gift. Vase with 12 Stems of Red Roses with Greens & Gypsophelia

  • Romance Roses

    Romance Roses

    Rose bouquet brings together lush red roses to make a lasting impression. Gorgeous red roses are simply accented with a variety of fresh greens. This flower bouquet conveys your heart’s deepest desires to love and romance. The bunch consists of 12 red roses.

  • Simple Beauty

    Simple Beauty

    This classic hand-tied bouquet of 12 fresh long-stemmed red roses wrapped in lush greenery makes it a simple and elegant statement. It is a must for a rose lover. Make it a point to send it to the person who deserves right away.

  • Rose Speaks Love silently

     A gorgeous and lush bouquet of 24 premium long-stemmed red roses, beautifully situated in a superior  designer vase, are the perfect way to shine a light on your every emotion.

  • Touch Of Heart

    Touch Of Heart

    If you’re crazy about someone and not afraid to show it, this bright jewel-toned arrangement is the perfect way to express your love. The vase comes with 40 red roses.

  • Shes Lovely

    She’s Lovely

    This beautiful Love’s Divine flower arrangement of red and white roses accented with frilly white Queen Anne’s Lace, and adorned with a bright red ribbon is a timeless gift for your dear one. The bunch consists of 18 red roses and 3 white roses.

  • Secret Admirer

    Swirls of Love

    Queen of all flowers, the rose is considered to be a symbol of love and passion. The beautiful vase comes with 10 red roses and 10 red carnation.

  • Beauty of Amaryllis

    For those who are on a lookout to give a classy surprise for their beloved must consider this elegant arrangement of amaryllis. This simple yet charming set of flowers is sure to allure all girls and it also makes for a perfect gift for your sister, wife, friend or that someone special. So why wait? … Continue reading "Beauty of Amaryllis"

  • Love Basket

    Love Basket

    Send that special someone an elegantly arranged 60 red roses in a basket. It will be a key to unlock a bright day for them.

  • Love Together

    Love Together

    Rose and tulip, the flower of love. Receive a modern twist in this imaginative bouquet which is stylishly presented in a transperent contemporary glass cube vase. It’s an excitingly different way to convey your love.This vase consists of 10 stems of red roses,10 red tulips and 10 stems of pink tulips.

  • Precious Heart

    Heart full of Love

    Sixty roses that would beat every second of a minute of the receiver of this precious heart of roses.

  • Tropical Red Tulip

    The red tulip bouquet opens its blushing petals to celebrate the joy and beauty of life’s most significant occasions. Our finest tulips create a remarkable bouquet to express your every good intention and happy wishes. Bunch of 20 stems of red tulips.

  • Exotic Refinement 20

    Exotic Breeze Orchid

    Orchids express elegance, class, beauty, grace and exquisiteness. If you have a friend who is an orchid lover and also believes in poise and refinement, then this is certainly the best present for her . Vase with 20 Stems of Red Mokara Orchids

  • Bold Bouquet ( 101 Roses )

    Tantalizing Red Roses

    These red roses which are stunning by themselves and the effect is only doubled when they come in hundreds and one master piece white rose can change the beauty of these. These hundred passionate roses are not easy to handle. It’s lethal. Get going and shower their killer beauty on your dear one. Vase with … Continue reading "Tantalizing Red Roses"

  • 1000 Red Roses


    30 Arrangements / Bunches of Total 1000 Red Roses

    30 Arrangements / Bunches of Total 1000 Red Roses

  • 700 Red Roses

    25 arrangements or bunches of a total 700 lovely red roses.

  • Simply Sweet

    Simply Sweet

    When it comes to romance, it’s the red rose that rules. And when it comes to delivering romance in a big way, 20 gorgeous red roses would be a brilliant choice that one should opt for.

  • Precious Love

    Precious Love

    The only remedy for love is to love more. Gift this hand tied bunch of 24 red roses embellished with a ribbon to your dear one and say that you want to love them more and more through out your life.

  • Sweetness Light

    Timeless Roses

    The classic romance of two dozen red roses can say so many things, from I love you! to I’m sorry. Vase consists of 24 stems of red roses.

  • Red Mums

    Red Mums

    This powerful, classic bouquet features red daisies at their most dramatic. Send this to express deep admiration, happiness, and love. This red flower bouquet includes daisy chrysanthemums and greenery to match. Vase With 15 Stem of Red Chrysanthemums

  • Red Beauty

    Royal Beauty

    Show your darling how much you care by sending this roses bonanza that consists of 100 sensational red roses.

  • Pure Heart

    Warm Heart

    Truly a maddening heart shaped bunch of 100 red roses with very soft net bringing love right from the depth of your heart.

  • Magical 200 Roses

    Passion for Love

    Fascinate and captivate your love. Nothing speaks from the heart more than our premium roses, situated in a clear glass vase to create a classic display with a romantically sophisticated twist. A symbol of pure love and affection throughout the ages, this bouquet of our finest red roses will capture their heart. Vase with 200 … Continue reading "Passion for Love"

  • Medley of Roses

    30 Roses

    If your looking for a floral gift that will keep your love happy for months, then choose these lovely 20 red roses with a perfectly woven basket and sexy red ribbon. It’s a perfect gift!

  • Cupids Bow

    Luxurious Red Roses

    An artistic floral arrangement, this striking gift will make an ideal table centrepiece. The satin petals of 4 bright red roses are perfectly complemented by the dainty pink tip gypsophilia in a stylish cubic glass vase. The 4 stems of red roses comes in a cube vase.

  • Height Of Love ( 4 Ft Tall )

    For Someone Special

    Show how much do you love them. Count the ways from 1 to 100 with this lush and luxurious bouquet which comprises of 100 romantic premium red roses. The ultimate I love you is 3-4 feet tall arrangement of 100 red roses.

  • Magnificent Roses and Lilies

    This stunning gathering of assorted lilies and premium roses makes this an easy pick. Lilies and roses are among the popular flower choice and when combined together it turns out to be a popular style and makes the recipient happy. The bunch comprises of 5 stems of pink lilies and 10 stems of red roses.

  • Cheerful Carnations

    Luxuriously Lavish

    The breathtaking sight of red carnations wrapped up with White Baby’s Breath and a red ribbon makes it very special. Vase with 12 stems of red carnations with white fillers.

  • Mesmerize


    Mesmerize her by your wonderful thoughts by showing her how much you care through this vase of red carnations. This vase comes with 12 stems of red carnation.

  • Dazzling Love Blooms

    Petals by petals and leaf by leaf that’s how a tiny bud becomes a beautiful rose.

  • Vivacious Vase

    Vivacious Vase

    These exotic red orchids stand tall to give an impression of a mysterious flowering vine creeping up a trellis. It’s arranged in an elegant transperant vase. This petite arrangement is but a true work of art. The vase contains 20 stems of red orchids James Storie.

  • Sweet Kiss

    Sweet Kiss

    Send your sweetest kiss through this arrangement of 10 red tulips in a clear glass vase. Vase With 10 Stem of Red Tulips

  • Sweet Fragrance

    Sweet Fragrance

    If you want to take her breath away even if far you can achieve it by sending this floral arrangement with sweet fragrances and beautiful colors. The vase consists of 2 stems of pink lilies and 12 stems of red roses.

  • Sweet Red

    Sweet Red

    The At the Heart of Happiness 24 stem red carnation and 12 stem red roses arrange in a clear glass vase will delight your special recipient with its large colorful blooms, bringing them a gift flowering with sunlit cheer and beauty! Vase With 24 Stem of Red Carnation and 12 Stem of Red Roses

  • Scarlet Sensation

    Scarlet Sensation

    Rich and silky 3 dozen roses are sculpted to perfection in this grand rounded bouquet. The bunch consists of 36 stems of red roses.

  • lovely Red

    Lovely Red

    Enjoy the beauty of roses without the frills. Send 20 of our premium grade Holland variety roses in an elegant clear glass vase. The vase comes with 20 stems of red roses.

  • Lovely


    To make their special day unforgettable, our florists have chosen 18 beautiful red roses with fresh greens arranged in an impressive hand tied bouquet. It’s fresh, beautifully arranged to remind them as to how much you care and how much they are in your thoughts. Send this magnificent gift today and your beloved’s heart will … Continue reading "Lovely"

  • Ravishing Roses

    Ravishing Roses

    A simpler, more attractive bouquet and gift packaged just for you. These 20 red roses radiate glory of a traditional red rose bouquet form and are simply an appropriate gift to show someone how much he loves you. The bunch consists of 20 stems of red roses.

  • Love Roses

    Elegant Love

    Nothing speaks of love so much as a bouquet of these beautiful 6 long stems of red roses. It’s arranged in a classic glass vase. This bouquet is a gift to her heart from yours. Vase comes with 6 stems of red roses.

  • Absolute Love

    These 50 irresistible large headed red roses are an absolute essence of a grand romantic gesture. Arranged by hand and finished with sumptuous gift wrapping and luxurious organza ribbon. This exquisite display is a perfect way to send your love to your special one. It’s a bunch of 50 red roses.

  • 101 Red Roses

    101 Red Roses

    These simple hand tied 101 long stems of red roses with sinamay accents is a wonderful way to bring a smile on a dear one’s face.

  • Pastel and Red

    Pastel and Red

    Roses are always a popular choice for special occasions and these attractive fresh blooms in vibrant red and soft pastel pink really show how wonderful they can look. We’ve carefully selected a dozen long-stemmed roses and arranged them in a tall, elegant vase to create a delightful gift. Vase With 12 Stem of Pink and … Continue reading "Pastel and Red"