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  • Angel

    A beautiful and romantic bouquet of 11 ruby red roses, soft gypsophilium and varied greens. This ideal Special Day bouquet is wrapped in soft pink tissue and trimmed with a satiny bow.

  • Art Nouveau

    An unmistakable combination of high style and flowing curvilinear forms, is characteristic of this extravagant collection of 12 gorgeous pink, peach and yellow roses that will make a truly luxurious addition to that special someones day. Vase may be substituted.

  • Badaguan Opulence

    This contemporary twist on a classical arrangement of a dozen Thailand orchids, surrounded by stylish greens and placed in a fancy glass vase, will add style and luxury to your loved ones day.

  • Bakuo Street

    This luxurious display of 12 premium long stemmed red roses bursting with radiant passion and brimming with style and elegance will instantly add panache and grace to your loved ones day.

  • Ballet Blanc

    Arranged with imperial style and class, this luxurious hand tied bouquet of 12 magnificent white roses provides your loved with a grand taste of extravagance. Approximately 14 inches W x 16 inches H

  • Basket Of Surprises

    Get hugs and a whole lot more with this extravagant collection of gorgeous red roses accompanied by a cuddly plush bear.

  • Bewitched

    An alluring composition of style and luxury highlighting a natural beauty is presented through this extravagant collection of a dozen red roses arranged delicately with green fillers in a glass vase that will fill your loved ones day with passionate allure.

  • Bon Ton

    Created to compliment the lifestyle of the fashionably elite comes this sophisticated and stylish bouquet of hot pink roses with white carnations and green spring fillers. Substitution of flowers may occur in case of unavailability.

  • Bora Bora

    Characterized by an ultra rich puree of style and class, comes this exclusive bouquet comprising of one dozen of the finest red and white roses that will add luxury and extravagance to your loved ones day.

  • Box Of Love

    Ever heard of love getting delivered in a box? 19 red roses come cozily wrapped in greens and arranged in a gift box. This makes the perfect romantic surprise for a love filled day. Note: The color of the box may vary.

  • California Sunset

    Give her a gift as warm as her heart with this glowing bouquet of 6 peach roses wrapped in green fillers arranged in a cylindrical glass vase inlaid with a leaf.

  • Carnegie

    A masterful bouquet of premier elegance, showcasing the freshest talent, includes these pink roses, lavender carnations, white alstromelias, orchids or snapdragons with purple filler flowers and greens. Approximately 14 inches W x 17 inches H.

  • Charm

    Hot pink roses, passionate red matsumoto asters and soft pink carnations in a clear round glass vase make up this romantic arrangement. Your sweetheart will fall madly in love with you all over again when she sees this. Substitution of cube may occur if unavailable. Approximately 10 inches W x 12 inches H

  • Chic Jiangsu

    Modern and trendy, this stunning arrangement of white fragrant lilies surrounded by greens and wrapped in fancy paper, will add style and class to your loved ones day.

  • Chinese Garden

    An enthralling presentation of natures wonder featured in this extravagantly charming arrangement of a dozen red and white roses, accompanied by a solitary fragrant Asian lily that adds a touch of mystique to your loved ones day.

  • Classic Elegance

    This lovely design combining style and beauty in the form of scented lilies and vibrant red roses, will perfectly compliment your loved ones home or office. Approximately 14 inches W x 17 inches H

  • Classic Fruit Basket

    This classic fruit basket contains a fine selection of bananas, grapes, apples, orange, pineapple and some seasonal fruit. The item may vary depending on availability.

  • Copacabana

    High styled and ultra glamorous, shed your inhibitions and show your wild side when you bring home this exotic bouquet of bright colored Asiatic lilies. Asiatic lilies are subject to availability and may be required to be substituted by a different variety of equal value.It will either be delivered in bud or bloom. Approximately 14 … Continue reading "Copacabana"

  • Coral Cluster

    Eighteen coral pink carnations and bright green fillers that set off the luscious pink to perfection, make up this traditional hand tied bouquet. The flowers are wrapped in sheets of delicate crepe and tied with a swirling violet bow.

  • Dawning Glory

    Classic red roses, miniature carnations, daisy spray chrysanthemums and majestic white Asiatic lilies are arranged in a clear glass vase. This beautiful and sumptuous arrangement is perfect for all special occasions and an ideal gift for a sweetheart.

  • Divas Indulgence

    An elegant and charming selection for that special someone comprising of gorgeous medium stemmed lilac pink roses that will fill her day with luxury and extravagance.

  • Dreamy Fantasy

    Bursting with style and grace, this alluring bouquet of a dozen gorgeous pink roses comes accompanied with a cuddly teddy. Approximately 11 inches W x 19 inches H

  • Elegant Dreams

    A picture perfect setting greets your loved one with this luxurious collection of pink and white blooms.

  • Emperors Extravagance

    An elegant and regal display of luxury and extravagance for that special someone emits from this alluring collection of 24 roses accompanied with a box of Dove heart shaped chocolates.

  • Exotic Xiamen

    An alluring and exotic display of charm and elegance for that special someone is portrayed through this extravagant collection of exotic yellow lilies, poetic pink carnations and fillers wrapped with passionate pink bouquet paper and tied with a fancy ribbon.

  • Expressions Of Elegance

    Bursting with luxury and extravagance, this alluring collection of 1 dozen gorgeous red roses accompanied with a box of premium chocolates, make up a perfectly expressive sentiment of style and charm. Approximately 11 inches W x 18 inches H.

  • Fantasia

    This is a stunning arrangement featuring beautiful spray roses, elegant carnations, serene daisy poms, waxflower and salal. A perfect gift for your special someone.

  • First Love

    Show everyone how crazy in love you are with her, with this fresh, vibrant bouquet comprising of white and pink roses, that will perfectly compliment your feelings for your sweetheart.

  • Flowers & Fruit Basket

    Flowers fruits basket contains apples, grapes, bananas along with 1 pink lily, 1 white lily, 2 pink gerberas, 2 red gerberas, 3 yellow gerberas and greenery. The item may vary depending on availability.

  • Forbidden City

    Treasured and distinctive, this alluring and exquisite arrangement for your loved one consists of 60 sparkling red roses that has played host to celebrities and nobility.

  • Fusion

    A composition of dynamic elements merge together to create this eclectic mixed bouquet of 6 red roses, 6 baby pink carnations and 3 stems of baby pink lilies surrounded by fillers.

  • Gold Coast

    This extraordinarily extravagant collection of one dozen yellow roses will transform your loved ones home into a luxurious landmark. Approximately 14 inches W x 16 inches H

  • Grand Gourmet

    Bursting with decadent indulgence for that special someone comes this luxurious hamper containing an exquisite bottle of wine, accompanied with a box of LeConte or Dove chocolates and surrounded with colorful roses and greens.

  • Great Wall of Luxury

    Of high renown, this stunning and sophisticated arrangement of pink and cream roses surrounded by greenery, tied with a fancy ribbon and arranged in a fancy basket, makes a dazzling addition to your loved ones day.

  • Guozijian Street

    Personifying the good life for that special someone comes this luxurious and extravagant collection of anthurium, bird of paradise, roses, carnations, gerberas and lilies, surrounded by greens and stylish leaves and arranged in a fancy flower basket.

  • Hainan Island

    Offering a panoramic view of luxury, this beautiful arrangement arriving with red roses adorned with a fancy ribbon, solidifies its reputation as a gift for the extravagant.

  • Heart Of Love

    Gorgeous pink roses with baby’s breath come packed in greens along with 2 cute bears, all arranged in a heart-shaped box. Take romance to another level with this gift. Note: The color of the box may vary.

  • Herald

    Sunny roses and Gerberas peek out from covering of solidago and purple statice, playing harbingers of joyous moments to come.

  • Imperial Indulgence

    Arranged with imperial style and class, this luxurious collection of 24 bright red roses in a fancy basket, make a regal addition to the home or office.

  • Je Taime Paris

    The city that inspired the greatest tales of love gives this bouquet of 5 red roses and eucalyptus leaves.

  • Jiuzhaigou Dreams

    A reflection of exotic and vibrant luxury is perfectly captured for your loved one in this simple and charming arrangement of red roses with a red ribbon and gold decoration.

  • Lilies Blushing

    Pink Asiatic lilies pose gracefully in an elegant glass vase, accompanied by white waxflower and adorned with a matching satin bow. These long stemmed lilies are perfect for any occasion.